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The Wide Format Printer of Dallas

I introduce to you, The Wide Format Printer of Dallas.  Since 1923 The Odee Company has grown from The Legal Forms publisher of the Southwest into a strong Graphic Solutions Company here in Dallas, TX.  Commercial Offset and Digital Printing, to retail kitting and fulfillment, promotional products, mailhouse, and now wide format printing has been added to our line.

Print from HP L26500

Print from HP L26500

To learn more about The Odee Company’s Wide Format Printing capabilities, please see below:

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Bare Hand that Quail

South Texas has seen a drastic change in it’s Quail population over the past decade due to many factors; fire ants, drought, rattlesnakes to name a few.  I can recall stirring up multiple coveys of 10+ in a morning, and then another in the afternoon walk.  Since, the sport has had to shift to pen raised.  These pen raised fatties don’t have the natural instincts as their elders.  Forces the sportsman to kick them up or rile them until they take flight for the shot.

Since the influx of pin raised quail, other quail farms have taken to a different sort of training.  The video below shows a sportsman bare handing a quail in flight.  Was it trained to do so, computer enhanced stunt for his book, or a rarity never thought one would catch on film?  Colt McCoy making a cameo only helps to seal the publicity angle.  Congrats to Yeti Coolers for another free endorsement via the hat.

Quail Feathers Quail field lab Quail shot Quail pointer

For some South Texas Cast and Blast, look into the guys at Wild Horse Lodge.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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GolFish in Dallas

Last Friday was my 1st client golf outing in several months. Also decided to make it my 1st client fish outing in several months (we like to fish). Since the arrival of Hank and the long hours at work, there hasn’t been much time for golf or fishing; hence the sport, GolFish.

Tenison Highlands was the location. A 3-4 lb Large Mouth Bass was my competition. 2nd cast into the acre pond and WHAM! The fat guy just dead weighted to the bottom of the tank.  Actually put up a fun fight. Snapped a pic and was soon approached by the course Marshal on 9. I had to return the rod and reel to the car, which I did. The Marshal was cool about and was just doing his job. A year ago or so I asked a Marshal out there if it would be ok and he told me “yes”. Just to be clear, I don’t condone doing so now.

I’ve GolFished many courses here in Texas and they have all been quite enjoyable.

Pic below of the Tenison Highlands Bass:
Tenison Highlands Bass

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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God Made a Printer

Over the last week or so I’ve snapped a few pics of The Odee Company’s employees. Captured the hard workers in their work day elements. Since the Ram Trucks Super Bowl Ad featuring Paul Harvey’s poem “Farmer”, I decided to slap the Print Industry’s own Commercial together; “God Made a Printer”.  You can read more about it here:

Watch “God Made a Printer” below:

God Made a Printer picture

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923
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Annoying Facebook News Feed Filter

Several months ago a noticeable filter of posts on the Facebook news feed caught my attention.  It’s not just our imagination.  When you begin missing that friend of yours who posts 10+ times a day on how bad her life is, how great his life is, what they’re drinking, or what the traffic is like, you know something is up w/ those pesky Facebookers.  The article below by Josh Constine on TechCrunch explains the reason why.


Many may be pleased…but if you’re like me, it can stiff arm your business reach.  We all know how to hide those who do not provide postings worth our time.  For Facebook to limit the feed without the user’s approval, strongly affects business pages.  Take The Odee Company for instance.  Out of her 1020 Facebook Fans, only 102 will be reached/ influenced by a post sadly.  This post could be awarding a trip to the first 200 “likes” to Barton Creek Resort and Spa.  Or to the 1st 500 “likes”, free tickets to the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Odee's Fanpage

Look at it this way….Back in the day, before Facebook’s big brothering, The Odee Company posted free SmartShield Sunscreen Towelettes to the 1st 500 “likes”.  500 people received free towelettes and saved their skin from UV damage.  Today, Facebook would only allow 102 people to save their skin.  Thanks a lot Facebook.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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SI Underdogs: Reagan Football

10.24.12- You may now begin voting for the Underdog of the Year.  Reagan is Episode 3….Vote Daily.  The video with the most votes receives a $25,000.00 grant for their athletic program and a trip for 10 to the Sportsman of the Year Celebration held in New York this December.

Sports Illustrated “Underdogs” recently highlighted Coach Carey and his Reagan High School Raiders (Austin, TX); and did a masterful job of it.

Several personal ties here, and I will keep them short.  The 10 minute film (here and below) captures the impact 1 man can have on a team, and the impact a disciplined team can have on it’s community.

Coach Carey comes from a strong family.  His older brother, Chad Carey, was our scrappiest player on the line and team leader at Austin College.  Now he’s a successful businessman in San Antonio.

Keith was a standout TE for Tulsa.  I was fortunate to be in attendance when he recorded his 1st TD against San Jose State.  Always positive memories from times spent with him.

Their dad coached many of our college teammates at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, TX (Richardson Independent School District).

Coach Dennis Ceder was our strength coach during our high school summers in Austin.  He never shared with us his legendary status of the 70’s. Our parents did…he is still a CenTex football Legend.

Leadership is back now at Reagan High School.  These young men have someone who believes in them.  Naturally, the players have someone/ something to fight for and be proud of again.  Here’s to Reagan High School for hiring a man who is bringing back Reagan Football tradition.  Here’s to Coach Carey for stepping up to the challenge.

Click below for  “Si Underdogs: Reagan Football”

“Not Without Honor.”

Underdogs?  SI’s title now has meaning beyond football.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Florida man saves Dog from Gator Video

Don’t mess with a Westie owner.  He’ll gator-roll you into submission.  The video of the man saving his dog from the gator has received a lot of attention today and you can watch it below:


Travis Stein
Principal Partner and Westie Owner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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The Marketing Coaches

One Saturday Coach Heim and Coach Stein (The Marketing Coaches) combined two of their favorite subjects; Business and Football. With Business degrees from Austin College and memorable moments on the field, the 2 coaches felt their wisdom would best be broadcast via YouTube.

30 minutes of plucking promotional items from The Odee Company’s showroom + 30 minutes of college roommate improv = these 13 short marketing videos/ gems below:

The Marketing Coaches Introduction Video

Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Items Video

Branded Energy Drinks Video

Custom Lunch Pails Video

Branded Sunscreen or SmartShield Sunscreen Video

Hand Fans Video

Custom Water Bottles Video

Imprinted Timex IronMan Watch Video

Custom Mini Football Helmet Video

Dallas Promotional Ad Specialty Company Video

Trick in getting past the Gatekeeper Video

Additional Can Opener Uses Video

Custom Pedometers Video

As you can see, the Marketing Coaches have many tips on how to promote your brand and defeat your competition. Email them any questions you may have…they’ll respond…payment in sunflower seeds will do just fine. If you have any additional topics you’d like to see via video, let us know.

Travis Stein
Marketing Coach
The Odee Company; est. 1923

What?!?!?  Yeah, 5 videos from a Dallas Fulfillment Company Fulfilling Fulfillment.  Or, you could have more fun with it and say “Farmer Phil Fulfills his Fulfillment needs…”, you get the idea.  Since 1923 The Odee Company has provided many retail companies with Odee’s top of the line print, promo, and fulfillment/ kitting services.  The 5 videos below are quick shots of The Odee Company’s fulfillment and kitting process.

Dallas is home to many retail giants.  Dallas is also home to a fulfillment giant; The Odee Company.  Many who have taken advantage of our Print, Promo, and Fulfillment Services have been The Home Depot, PetSmart, CompUSA, Fossil, Blockbuster, SubZero, Brinker, and Mannatech.

For more information on Dallas Printing Services, Dallas Promotional Items, or Dallas Fulfillment Services contact us today.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Giant Shark Attacks Reeled in Catch

Many of you are frustrated with your sales force only going after the small fish.  The video below showing a shark attacking bait should remind them that there are bigger fish out there.  Or I could have easily said if you’re tired of only catching the small clients, step up and use Odee’s Print and Promo services to land the big fish.  But that obviously would have been too much.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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