Posted by: travisodee | February 12, 2014

Kate Hansen’s Pre-Race Dance Routine – Smart Marketing??

Kate Hansen’s pre-race dance routine has slapped a smile on this guy’s face. The Olympics are more than winning medals obviously. There’s a lifetime of hard work, home school, moving and leaving childhood friends, and financial woes for the families. The behind the scenes stories detail many of these hurdles, but they will also create a natural rooting interest for this particular athlete. Take Kate Hansen, the American Luger who finished 10th overall in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This fireball who you would picture training your 8 year old how to snowboard or a camp counselor who is full of life, actually did very well for herself in these games. She will soon see $$$ and opportunities outside of sport.

Kate Hansen's pre-race dance routine

Kate Hansen’s pre-race dance routine

There’s always something more to what the majority of the audience sees and as a marketer, I like to imagine what that might be. This is Kate Hansen. Looks as natural as can be during her pre-race dance routine, but expect to see more of this in future Olympics. PR pros have really begun to attack the Olympic athletes in promising sponsorships after the fact which will help pay off these hardships we discussed earlier. Genius. Majority of the audience will fall for it, and this Olympian will be the new/ hot trend on Google. Next, sponsorships begin rolling in. We will see Kate Hansen in a commercial very soon. And good for her. Her positive attitude is what makes her a natural to sell. (watch this video to see what I’m talking about)

Some future “acts” from Olympians if the right PR firms get a hold of them:
-a rare American ski jumper who has no shot at medaling will be asked to celebrate each landing in an odd fashion. Look, the Winter Olympics are a HUGE hit in the cold states. What do cold states buy a lot of? Generators. Ok, your nickname will be “Generator” and every landing you will celebrate as if you’re cranking a generator. $$$
-have an athlete break through a wall…or better yet, a bathroom door. Kool-Aid will really love this…wait….

You’re only getting two from me…this is too easy and I could go all day. I’m now off to my pre-print morning routine; shooting a 5hr Energy and doing my patented Robot Dance.


Travis Stein
Principal Partner and Robot Dancer for 5hr Energy
The Odee Company; est. 1923


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