Posted by: travisodee | December 27, 2013

Marketing in Unison with OK Go

It’s been a while but OK Go slapped a smile on my face this morning. It’s not just that their music is upbeat, it’s the “marketing in unison” they always seem to nail.

Every morning begins at the office between 6:30-7am. Pandora is usually the first site to ramp up in one of my many tabs.  Next, Facebook, then LinkedIn, then a world news site (won’t divulge as I am not wanting a political battle). Some mornings a song will hit that I will then replay a few times via YouTube. OK Go isn’t played often on my Pandora station. But the fine folks at Pandora felt as if a Friday morning is deserving of OK Go. While I’m listening to it, I’m simultaneously accepting LinkedIn group requests for FSC, SFI, Austin High School Alumni, and Austin College Football Alumni. The guy w/ the poor memory (this guy), actually recalls OK Go’s genius that is their videos. Figured I’d watch. Their single takes are masterpieces for the eye and soul. Try it. You’ll envy those who were on the set of these videos. They’re fun. But you then look deeper and realize the amount of practice and discipline it takes to work in unison. If in unison, as said before, a masterpiece is produced. Create this unison in your office setting and you’ve just produced an environment where success can be realized quickly, and shared amongst all involved. It’s a team effort and as a Marketer, your role is the most important in getting all employees involved and on the same page.


Take a note from OK Go, work in unison and have fun…success will follow.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923



  1. very very entertaining!

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