Posted by: travisodee | May 13, 2013

Bare Hand that Quail

South Texas has seen a drastic change in it’s Quail population over the past decade due to many factors; fire ants, drought, rattlesnakes to name a few.  I can recall stirring up multiple coveys of 10+ in a morning, and then another in the afternoon walk.  Since, the sport has had to shift to pen raised.  These pen raised fatties don’t have the natural instincts as their elders.  Forces the sportsman to kick them up or rile them until they take flight for the shot.

Since the influx of pin raised quail, other quail farms have taken to a different sort of training.  The video below shows a sportsman bare handing a quail in flight.  Was it trained to do so, computer enhanced stunt for his book, or a rarity never thought one would catch on film?  Colt McCoy making a cameo only helps to seal the publicity angle.  Congrats to Yeti Coolers for another free endorsement via the hat.

Quail Feathers Quail field lab Quail shot Quail pointer

For some South Texas Cast and Blast, look into the guys at Wild Horse Lodge.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company; est. 1923


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