Posted by: travisodee | March 9, 2012

KONY 2012: Social Media Wins

Social Media Wins, traditional media and politics lose.

As majority of you now know, Joseph Kony has been one the most searched figures this past week on Google.  His infamous popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the KONY 2012 movement including the KONY 2012 video.  The video itself is 30 minutes long and due to enough buzz I decided I had to watch it and form my own opinions.  Note the plurality of “opinions”.

1) Just like everyone else with a heart, we all concur that Joseph Kony’s reign of terror must come to an end.
2) Many generations have experienced this style of rule before.  Social Media has succeeded 10 fold to where media has failed.  A very sudden transition has occurred, and social media is still just an infant; a very powerful infant.

Take the previous wars world wide that the US has had some form of involvement in.  The immediate wars that come to mind are that of Afghanistan and Iraq…”the Iraq, everywhere like such as and“.  Afghanistan is a simple sell for Americans.  Why?…well media did not have to sell it.  The attacks on our country spoke louder than media or governmental debates could.  Iraq on the other hand was heavily protested by the liberal media and liberal community.  Why?  You must ask the liberals…the liberals who are now sharing KONY 2012 on their Facebook pages and are at the forefront of getting Joseph Kony captured.

I’m sure the last sentence has fueled this community.  If so, I’m not trying to upset anyone I promise.  It’s just the truth and they should be proud of standing up for what they believe in.  So let’s think about this…imagine if there would have been a Saddam 2003 video discussing his inhumane crimes in detail.  I guarantee the conservative party has thought about this since the KONY 2012 campaign has risen in fame.  Would Bush be a hero now in the eyes of the liberals?  It’s an interesting debate…

We will now see more of these campaign style “war sells” from here on out.  It was a brilliant idea, and skips over Liberal/ Conservative debates…it’s now back to what is right and what is wrong in our society.

Travis Stein



  1. This is an interesting posting, and I appreciate the opportunity to have a polite, respectful discourse. The difference here, and I am not sold on the Invisible Children organization (though I am a liberal and did share the video), is quite substantial. I was never opposed to bringing Saddam Hussein to international court to face trial for his many, many crimes against humanity. It is a very commonly stated fallacy that liberals, as a group, opposed this. I am opposed to the way we did it. We went in with military force and deposed their entire government without a solid plan for all that came next. My husband fought in that war. So many deaths could have been prevented.

    What this Kony 2012 *thing* is advocating for is empowering Africans to capture this disgraceful excuse for a human being. Providing them with tools and technology and assistance in solving this problem themselves is very different from sending American forces in to start a war. I would also like to point out that it isn’t just us goofy liberals supporting this. My cousin is a Baptist missionary who has lived most of her adult life in Jinja, Uganda. Her children have been raised there. I guarantee, she is as Christian Conservative as they come. The people she lives side by side with have been moved to tears in support of this video’s message. She says they are hopeful. No one who has reached adulthood there has not been personally impacted by Kony’s actions. I don’t know whether this Kony 2012 movement (Is it a movement? I’m not sure) will succeed or fizzle out, but I do know that the principles behind it are neither liberal nor conservative. This is a human issue, not a political one.

  2. Phoebe, thanks for your comment. Secondly…and more importantly, we owe you and your husband a large amount of thanks for your service…words aren’t justice, but thank you both.

    My point to the blog was more along the lines of media vs social media. You ended your comment with “this is a human issue, not a political one.”. This was exactly on point with how I ended my article…the structurally poor written article which Brenden Kenny would look down upon and grade an “F” and wonder how I was ever able to enter his English AP course.

    Conservatives and Liberals will take note however. This has been a powerful video/ movement that has gained more traction than a state of the union. Brilliant on the organization’s part. And I do like how it has become more of a “human issue, not a political one”.

  3. Ah, Mr. Kinney… I failed to get to my point after all that, pretty sure he’d be shaking his head at me.

    Your point about social media and the human issue highlighted here is a good one, and I agree with you. However, what I was trying (and failed!) to say is that the human aspect of having Saddam Hussein answer for his crimes is generally supported by most Americans, liberal and conservative alike. Perhaps if there had been a social media push like this Kony one, and Bush had supported both Iraqi and international measures to bring Saddam to justice, he would have been applauded for his efforts. Instead, what happened is the subject of a tired debate that doesn’t need to be detailed here, and there are far too many people who would demonize Bush no matter what he did and just as many who do the same to Obama. I think it’s a positive thing that people with very different political ideas can find a common cause to get behind. The Kony 2012 video is certainly effective in hitting people’s common interests and concerns, though it obviously remains to be seen whether the organization behind it is worthy of all these people’s donations.

    Keep up the great work, Travis!

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