Posted by: travisodee | February 3, 2012

Drew Brees on Jimmy Fallon

Did Drew Brees disgrace all athletes last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by losing in a football game against a teen actor who portrays a werewolf???

Drew Brees vs Taylor Lautner
drew brees beats taylor lautner

The werewolf actually put up a fight

While watching this I caught myself actually cheering Drew on as if this was a sudden death championship game.  Drew would have been ridiculed nonstop and was a terrific sport in accepting this challenge.  I haven’t seen Drew this nervous since the ’94 battle at House Park between the Mighty Austin High Maroons and Westlake Chaparrals.  The game ended in victory for Westlake, 42-35.  In the game, Austin High scored on the 1st play with a pass from Travis Stein to Marshall Wilson via the classic arrow rail.  Drew then drove the Chaps down the field and threw a pick in the end zone which Hughes Holland returned 106 yards for a score.  A flag was on the field and the refs seemed confused.  Apparently Austin High’s basketball great and #1 football fan Benjamin Stoff had launched it onto the field fearing the Chaps had thrown a TD.  Refs decided fan interference should result in a replay of the 3rd down.  Westlake ball.  To this day, Ben is sickened by this “interference”.  Hughes no longer talks to Ben.  With the game tied @ 28 in the 4th quarter under the House Park lights, Tyler Thomas took a 3rd and 14 draw for 56 yards and a 35-28 lead…the lead didn’t last as Drew was able to put back to back drives in the final 5 minutes of regulation for the 42-35 win.  Statistician Edward Gray still says it was the greatest performance by an Austin High Football team since Verne Lundquist and Ben Crenshaw were in school there.

ahs westlake after game

Too disgraced to remove helmet

For 2 years after the ’94 rivalry game, AHS wasn’t even close in competing with the mighty Chaps of Westlake.  We blame it on coaching…and it’s a hard one to let go of obviously.

I can’t discuss this any further…

***I will wrap this up by saying, a massive congrats to Drew on one of the most successful years for an NFL quarterback ever…

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923


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