Posted by: travisodee | November 2, 2011

Explore Austin vs Bamboo

Bamboo has been my dad’s nemesis for the past 10 years.  Circa 2001, “neighbors won’t take care of their yard, so I planted some bamboo”.  Circa 2011, “this darn bamboo won’t stop growing.  Don’t ever plant this, boy.  You can’t get rid of it.  I wish I knew who planted this.  Always make good decisions boy”.  Yeah, for some reason, no matter what the conversation is, it’ll end with “always make good decisions boy”.  So my point here is; bamboo is a beast that can grow up to 39″ per day without maintenance, and you should always make good decisions.  As the title above states, Bamboo has some competition in the speedy growth category and it’s Explore Austin.

Let’s begin with some name dropping.  It’s allowed when you’re proud of them.  Jamie Matthews, Todd Hanna, Rusty Stein…I’ll stop there but just know Explore Austin is loaded with tremendous leaders, mentors, educators, and young kids who are breaking old habits and becoming leaders amongst their own peers.  Instead of going into the history of Explore Austin, I’ll let you research on your own by visiting their site.  But before you do, just know that unlike bamboo, Explore Austin requires a major amount of maintenance to grow at the rate it is growing.  The latest Explore Austin video below details all of their adventures, their amount of growth, and will inspire you to contribute to a program that is changing lives for the better.


Make good decisions…

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923



  1. Thanks for posting this great video! What a wonderful program. God bless America and God bless Texas! Keep up the good work, guys!!!
    Sarah Holland
    Director of Promotions
    The Odee Company

  2. Awesome piece and terrific program. So proud of my son-in-law Rusty for being such an important part of this. The legacy of all involved with Explore Austin will live on for generations to come and make a real difference in the world we live in.
    Bravo one and all!
    Mikki Donnelly
    Director of Development
    Houston’s Ronald McDonald House

  3. Thanks for the comment and read Mikki! It’s been fun to watch the mentor’s growth as well.

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