Posted by: travisodee | July 14, 2011

Padgett Printing’s Final Washup

The news hit many Dallas Printers hard last week. Sadly the tight-knit industry knew it was coming.

Padgett Printing has been a family owned Commercial Printer here in Dallas for over 100 years. Since working in the Printing Industry for 10+ years, Padgett has always been my biggest competitor. Competitors in my book, are those with equal talents and which you highly respect. That was Padgett. From several of their employees I have met, to their general reputation in our industry, they were one we have tried to model The Odee Company after. We’re coming up on 100 years ourselves and know in order to stay debt free, we must adapt to whatever economy we face. Joe Polanco of PIA MidAmerica details it best in his recent blog Cup-A-Joe. In the post, Joe touches on changes printers need to make, situations printers obviously need to avoid, and ultimately/ sadly how success has driven many printers out of business.  It’s a solid read.

I can assure you The Odee Company will be here. We haven’t been immune to the economy. We’ve had to make tough decisions recently like everyone else. But we’re debt free and still fighting to earn your business.

Padgett, the competition was fun while it lasted. Best of luck to all of you who I’m sure will strike up success wherever you may land. You’ve all been groomed by one of the best.

printer in dallas

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923


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