Posted by: travisodee | February 9, 2011

What does “Key to the City” mean?

This guy attended college. Really? He’s Dallas Mayor Pro Tem. Which means if Leppert decides to vacate for a shot @ the Senate, this guy will run the city. What? Yep, Dwaine Caraway wanted an autograph so badly I’m assuming, that he decided to give a key to the city of Dallas to Michael Vick.

Read here for more on the story

I try my best not to share my political views on this blog, so moving on to…What exactly does it mean to have a “Key to the City”?

-One site states: performing a deed worthy of a hero or a gesture of kindness that brought to the attention of others.
-Another site states: in medieval times, it was the keys to all the gates in the city. In other words you were so trusted that you were given free run of the place day or night.

Ahh, it clearly makes sense to me now.

After further research, Mr. Caraway has also provided keys to Vivica A. Fox

The video below is the actual ceremony

The Odee Company deserves a key in my opinion for being a Green Printer and employing dogs:
Video produced by 11 yr old Sayler

Travis Stein
Print and Promotional Sales VP
The Odee Company; est. 1923


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