Posted by: travisodee | October 27, 2010

Contest: Who will win 2010 World Series MVP???

The Odee Company is hosting another contest via Facebook to support their local ALCS Champ the Texas Rangers.

The contest is open to anyone and everyone including Yankee and Giant fans.

1) Decide who you believe will be the World Series MVP (must be a Ranger)
2) Grab a pic of said Ranger and upload him to The Odee Company’s Facebook wall
3) Get your friends to “like” your pic.
4) At the end of the series, if the Rangers win and your pick/ pic is of the World Series MVP, then you will be in the running for the $200 gift card prize.
5) The entry of the MVP w/ the most “likes” will win.
**you may upload a pic anytime, but your votes will only count towards that particular pic/ entry
***pic must be submitted by last out of 8th inning of the World Series
****You may only submit 3 entries throughout the entire series.  If you submit more than 3, all submissions will be disqualified

Lastly, any photos or comments we deem inappropriate will be removed.

Play ball!!!!

Travis Stein
Print and Promotional Sales VP
The Odee Company, est. 1923


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