Posted by: travisodee | September 9, 2010

The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia and The Odee Company

Just returned from a trip to The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virgina. First off, what a place. I felt comfortable immediately and figured it was due to the many similarities to The Odee Company.

Videos of Fly Fishing and Sporting Clay Course at The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia

-One of the oldest hotels in the US (1766). Odee is one of the oldest printers in Dallas (1923).

-Many activities at one hotel. Odee offers many capabilities under one roof (offset and digital printing, poster printing, diecutting, embossing, foilstamping, in-house bindery, green printer, promotional product distributor, docutech, black and white printing, 4 color process printing, 5 color press, fulfillment).

-The Homestead offers beautiful vistas and flora. The Odee Company prints vibrant colors w/ it’s indichrome capabilities

-The Homestead offers the chance to knock clay pigeons out of the sky. The Odee Company; well, you can come up w/ something creative here:

-The Homestead’s Orvis Sponsored fly fishing stream
allows SmartShield Suncare. The Odee Company distributes SmartShield Suncare:

You see, there ARE many similarities. 1 final similarity, Bath County which is where The Homestead is located has the highest number of Black Bear in all of Virginia. Black Bear are somewhat similar to the Hulk. The Odee Company is green like the Hulk; bang bang.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company, est. 1923



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