Posted by: travisodee | July 29, 2010

Win an iPad

Yep, win an iPad from The Odee Company. It’s time for a new “Odee” T (Odee T-shirt for the non-Odeetians). The designs we have produced just haven’t won us over. Help us.

Easy steps
1- Come up w/ a design that we can use for our “Odee” shirt
2- Upload the image to our FanPage on Facebook

3- We will place all designs in an album within our Facebook site
4- The design/ pic with the most comments/ votes will win

Submit away. Get wild. Get crazy. Get creative. Upload to the site, and motivate your friends to comment/ vote for yours. Upload as many as you’d like. We will judge what is and isn’t an appropriate vote. Contest ends August 31st and an iPad will be awarded to the top designer.

Game on.

Travis Stein
Print and Promotional Sales VP
The Odee Company, est. 1923

***contest must have 10 designs to be valid



  1. I think the design by Ann Marie Gould is what you need to promote your company. The message says more than first meets the eye. Thanks and
    enjoyed the scan. Joy Moore Missildine

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