Posted by: travisodee | July 19, 2010

My House Alarm won’t stop BEEPING!!!

How do I get my house alarm to stop beeping???? This question has plagued my household for several exhausting nights throughout the past 2 years. The keypad reads low battery. Solution:

1) Locate the alarm breaker box and remove either the positive (red) or the negative (black) wire from the battery. Beeping will temporarily stop for 5 minutes or so.
2) In these next 5 minutes, locate your alarm adapter. It may be near the box, or in our case, in the attic. You will most likely need a screwdriver to unplug the adapter.

All things are now back to normal.

The second most popular question I’ve received this month, is where can I order promotional items from??? Another easy question to answer; The Odee Company! Call or email me for our latest specials or to assist your team in finding the right item for your next event or promotion.

Travis Stein
Print and Promotional Sales VP
The Odee Company est. 1923


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