Posted by: travisodee | June 1, 2010

Not the biggest, but the most enjoyable

It’s summer. Print and Promotional posts seem to be on vacation. Figured I’d share my catch from this past weekend.

On a private tank NW of the Texas Hill Country I was in 3ft of crystal clear water back in a windless cove. Threw what seemed to be my 3rd cast without a bite. Popped the Pop-R lure twice then saw the hog approach. I let the lure sit there as she moved closer and closer. Then slowly up to the lure. Then 2 inches away she just sat there. Staring. After 5 seconds of staring she opened her mouth and sucked it in. Game on. She pulled me around the cove for a bit before I could finally net her. I pulled my camera out while she was fighting and glad I did. Below are the pics. A cool experience. She weighed just under 7lbs on my scale.

Click pics to enlarge

Travis Stein
Print and Promotional VP of Sales
The Odee Company, est. 1923


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