Posted by: travisodee | February 17, 2010

NBA All-Star Testimonial

Below is the testimonial we recently received from the Senior Production Manager with the NBA after the All-Star weekend in Dallas.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and patience during the production of the print collateral you produced for All-Star Weekend.

The Score Cards looked great Saturday Night at the arena. They were placed on every seat and guests held them up cheering to make their vote count during the Slam Dunk Competition.

The Score Cards for Jam Session looked like they were getting a lot of use on broadcast as well.

Our staff and guests loved the Emergency Cards, which were easy access to key phone numbers during the event.

Finally, it was a huge help to have you produce the NMB Gift Cards, which
were delayed in shipping from NY/NJ due to mother nature. I really
appreciate you taking the ball on this one and running, especially considering the weather issues in Dallas.

Please extend my thanks to everyone at the plant who worked hard to produce high quality work for our event.

Travis Stein
SVP of Print and Promotional Sales
The Odee Company est. 1923


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