Posted by: travisodee | January 4, 2010

1.1-1.4 Green Calendar

I will be posting daily green advice thanks to Aunt Janie and her PageADay green Calendar.

1.1- Today’s a perfect day to take stock of how green you’re living, and set some personal goals for a greener year. Try walking through your office and making a list of opportunities in each room.

1.2- If your office has fresh cut Christmas tree or other living decorations this year, don’t forget to compost or recycle. Find a drop off site near you @

1.3- Put reusable decorations away neatly-if you can find them easily next season you will not have to buy new ones. Try wrapping strings of lights around cardboard cores from wrapping paper rolls or paper towel tubes to keep them tangle free

1.4- Organize a book and or CD swap at your office and save money while keeping stuff out of the landfill. Swaps also work well for items like kids’ clothes, which each family uses for only a short period of time.

Incredible Hulk is Green and so are we!!

Travis Stein


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