Posted by: travisodee | November 28, 2009

Jake Olson’s story

During a difficult economy many have sulked or already felt defeated. During a difficult football season others have been inspired to fight on. USC has drawn inspiration from a Giant in 7th grader Jake Olson.

Video of Jake Olson

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  1. I was very touched by Jake Olsen and his courage in losing his sight and still maintaining his love of USC football with his family. His story really hit me as I have an autistic son who has his struggles but we can not imagine Jake’s struggles and we were so amazed by his maturity and his courage and his family’s love and devotion. I really cried like a baby when I saw the touching video of his final request before his surgery that would result in permanent blindness. We were also very proud of the USC football team and all the players and coaches. I have now become a fan of USC football when I saw their love and amazing response towards Jake’s final request before his surgery and their ongoing friendship with Jake and his family. I also write a blog about my son and autism which I have provided the link to above. You can see how touched I have been by this brave little boy, Jake Olsen, his family and the USC college football program.

    Thank you.

    Edward D. Iannielli III

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