Posted by: travisodee | October 13, 2009

U2 in Dallas reviews…then some better reviews

U2 was in Dallas last night and the reviews are in…a joke is what most sensible folks have called it. On the other hand those who purchased $200+ tickets have said it was the best show in their lives.


-poor sound

-terrible seating

-nothing original

-a nice shout out to “Fair Park” from Bono

-no heart put into the performance

-did I mention horrible sound or just poor sound?

-poor sound

I feel bad for those that did go and didn’t get what they paid for. Sounds like it was very disappointing for most. I would have gone if I could have lucked into finding tickets or been with good friends or fun camera locating wife:


Now for better reviews, please click below:

Great Reviews

The Incredible Hulk would have been furious spending $200+ for a show like that. He would have come out of there trying to find something positive to take away for the evening; “at least I’m GREEN” the giant beast would have thought to himself. Yeah, well Odee is GREEN too.

Travis Stein

SVP of Sales

The Odee Company est. 1923


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