Posted by: travisodee | August 20, 2009

Starbucks Raising Prices…not Odee

Starbucks raised prices again on me this morning. I received additional “Hey hey hey”‘s w/ winks and finger points…and when I provided my name to the new guy I got “Traviiiiiissssssssss…would like a grande mocha” to the anthem of Oklahoma…yeah, strange. Doubly strange that I know that song. So Starbuck’s training to increase ways of annoying it’s Patrons @ 6:30am has been reason enough to raise it’s prices. The Odee Company on the other hand hasn’t raised it’s prices since the doors first opened in 1923…well sort of.


In times like these I understand it is essential for some companies to raise their prices. We have stayed competitive to keep biz, as well as to help our loyal clients weather this storm. Several printers in the DFW area are beginning to fall. Some well known facilities are rumored to be in financial timeout or lockdown, but that is a future post where we’ll discuss our stability and just another reason to choose us as your print and promotional product partner.

The Green Odee Rescues another client from a previous provider gone wrong…

Contact us today to begin our discussion of how we can help your organization or prevent you from getting yourself into a financial mess w/ another provider.

The Incredible Hulk is GREEN, just like ODEE

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company, est. 1923


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