Posted by: travisodee | July 28, 2009

Greek T’s. Fraternity T’s. Sorority T-shirts

Some of the finest Greek organizations are located here in the State of Texas:

SMU Fraternity’s
SMU Sorority’s
TCU Fraternity’s
TCU Sorority’s
Texas Fraternity’s
Texas Sorority’s
Baylor Fraternity’s (yes they do exist)
Baylor Sorority’s (yes they do exist)
Texas Tech Fraternity’s
Texas Tech Sorority’s
Texas A&M brainwash camps
Austin College Fraternity’s
Austin College Sorority’s
North Texas Fraternity’s
North Texas Sorority’s

You get the point, we can provide T-shirts for any sorority party or fraternity party in the area.

Bluto, isn’t GREEN like the Hulk and The Odee Company, but he is motivational:

Not cheapest, but LEAST EXPENSIVE shirts in town. You’ll get cheap elsewhere and won’t wear them. You’ll get inexpensive with us and have money left over for that special new fling.

For some options please visit the below sites to view shirts in our inventory:
T-shirts 1
T-shirts 2
Let us know what item you’re interested in and we’ll provide pricing and samples.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923



  1. […] Not only is it the time of year print returns, but promos are beginning to ramp up as well.  One promotional item Odee produces year after year are the Greek Rush T’s for SMU, TCU, and North Texas Fraternities and Sororities.  Click on the link below for an article from a few years back which includes a Bluto treat for you: Need Frat and Sorority Shirts […]

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