Posted by: travisodee | July 15, 2009

High School Football Program Printing

The Odee Company is a commercial printer and promotional product distributor located in Dallas, TX. We enjoy the Texas Football season as it’s our time to print football programs for the many Texas High Schools in need of high quality, quick turn program printing.

Two-a-days weren’t complete until the day we would line up for program pictures and afterwards receive a lecture on the proper etiquette in selling a $50 quarter page ad to family/ friends/ or businesses. Sure, family was an easy sell but the University of Texas Cheerleading team was another story. 4 Years straight I approached them. 4 years straight I sold a full page ad. 4 years straight I made new friends.


Although the childhood picture in the program was usually a great embarrassment, it was exciting to see your family celebrate your 4 years of effort with a childhood picture of you.


Texas High School Football programs are a true highlight to the athletes and families but also an opportunity for businesses to reach a certain market. In Texas games range from a couple hundred in the stands to 20,000 or so. Multiply that number by however many more family members or friends who did not attend the game will want to see the programs afterwards. That’s a lot of eye balls.

Plus, it’s good to hold onto programs as you never know when a celebrity may be pictured next to you.



The Incredible Hulk was a fan of Ben’s (Ryan Atwood’s) anger transformation, and he’s of course a fan of Odee…we’re GREEN.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company est 1923



  1. need to find out if you all do football programs and how much

  2. Jennine, please feel free to send me your specs or contact me

    Thanks for your interest,


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