Posted by: travisodee | July 7, 2009

Lance Armstrong and The Odee Company of Dallas, TX

Another Tour de France rolls around and Lance Armstrong is back competing. As the commercial states below, there’s a greater cause for this comeback:

Many critics have abused the guy with their doping allegations. The professional sports world is filled with a lot of unknowns that is best probably left unknown for entertainment purposes. I wish the NFL, NBA, MLB, and even the PGA would crack down on these guys, but they don’t. As long as records are being broken, both on the field of play and the merchandising/ entertainment side, nothing will be done. The head will be turned. For being around and in sports most of my life it’s a no brainer doping is going on and it’s easy to tell who is using it.

Rookie year vs recent

The players have a valid excuse to dope thanks to those who used before them. The level of play increased, contracts went through the roof for the dopers and now they must dope to compete and keep their job. It’s a sad effect. The majority of sports viewer’s would be shocked at the high percentage of doping that is in professional, college, and high school sports.

So in saying that, I could care less about the allegations against Lance. He has raised record amounts for cancer research through his organization Survivor. Winner. Hero.

Now on to the connection between Lance Armstrong and The Odee Company of Dallas, TX…

Years ago in his comeback and cancer awareness fight a little yellow loop was developed. Simple. Cheap. Extremely effective.

The boost in promo orders was significant. Many organizations began creating their own bands. Schools jumped on the “band” wagon. And it seemed as if the simplicity of the loop sparked fresh, and more creative ideas within our industry.

The Odee Company is a commercial printer and promotional product distributor that has been in operation since 1923. FSC and SFI printer located in Dallas, TX and serving the nation.

Many of you may think I’m contradicting myself with my doping beliefs and The Odee Company’s relationship with The Incredible Hulk. I’m not, he’s Green and he’s enormous. Don’t let him catch you. You anti-Green corporation you.

A few more Lance gems below:
As he passes his rival Ullrich

Lance Armstrong Nike Commercial

Lance Notes: John Wilcockson author of Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion states that since Lance Armstrong announced his return to cycling, he has been tested 42 times.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company


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