Posted by: travisodee | June 16, 2009

Large Halibut in Alaska

Miss Tegan Humphrey of Alaska landed a halibut that weighed just over a ream of 130# Cover. That’s right, her catch was 140 lbs. Get this, she’s only 6.


Click below for the full story:

If only Tegan Humphrey could have landed one bigger than Hazel Forester’s of Austin, TX. Captain Russell E. Forester and his wife of 65 years Hazel Forester were on a summer excursion in 1996 when she landed a 172 lb Halibut. She was awarded $100 by the state of Alaska since it was the record Halibut caught in the year of ’96. Half was donated to charity and the rest came home to Austin. Every Sunday for a full year was Halibut. Surprisingly we enjoyed each and every Sunday meal that year.

Tegan was 6 years old, Hazel was 82.


Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company


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