Posted by: travisodee | June 15, 2009

Global Warming running into a monster…who’s green

****For discussion purposes only. I am only stating potential arguments. The awareness Gore’s film created is award winning in itself whether the film’s stated facts are indeed facts or not.****

Seems as if The Odee Company and it’s partnering with The Incredible Hulk is grabbing Global Warming by the back of the shirt and throwing it out the door of our precious Earth.

I’ve seen more articles and video on Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth debunking his production than positive thoughts about the film:

Interesting points from this article:
-Lake Chad “drying up”
It also dried up in 8500BC, 5500BC, 1000BC and 100BC. Where was our carbon-polluting human industry then?
-Polar bears “dying”
Four bears died in a storm. Four. Bears. Meanwhile, there are 25000 polar bears today compared to 5000 in 1940.
-Hurricanes “getting stronger“
They haven’t in 60 years.
-Arctic “warming fastest”
It’s actually 1 degree cooler now than in 1940.
-Peruvian glaciers “disappearing”
For the past 10,000 years the Peruvian ‘glacier’ region has been mostly ice free.

One positive the film brought to the table was awareness. Companies world wide have taken notice and green initiatives are born daily. The news as of lately has been hopeful in expanding ice shelves and protected forests saying “thank you” to printers like ourselves and clients who partner with us and our goal of reducing our overall carbon footprint on Earth. So, although there were many inconvenient truths in the film, the awareness it has brought the world has been noted and appreciated.


The Odee Company is Green, as is the Hulk.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company est. 1923



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