Posted by: travisodee | June 11, 2009

Pantone Matching System (PMS) Swatchbooks

In September of ’01 Buzz Tatom rightly so awarded me a trophy for exceeding my numbers. That gift was a faux leather office chair. Nice and I was extremely grateful, but faux leather is faux leather. Today the pre existent memory foam is conforming nicely:


Again, though I was grateful for this bad boy, I still felt incomplete. 6 months of training on the floor. A few months of selling under my belt. A decent portion of Odee revenue coming in…why was I incomplete? I was still without a PMS swatchbook.


When I entered the printing industry I was shocked that there was a term such as PMS. You see, growing up I knew PMS was a nickname given to my mom; Pretty Mrs. Stein.  All my friends loved her so this was a simple acronym. Now I use PMS to describe my wife; Pretty Megan Stein.

I soon discovered PMS stood for Pantone Matching System and there were some PMS swatchbooks out there highly desired. Having one of these swatches in my possession would complete me.

These PMS book are pricey and sell around $100. They can change yearly as new colors are added and new percentages are developed for each particular color. Quark may also have different PMS color percentages than InDesign. Just a slight percentage off from one program to another can completely alter the color.

Sample PMS percentage:
The Incredible Hulk and his green initiative w/ The Odee Company


PMS 354
13 pts Pantone Green 81.2
3 pts pantone Yellow 18.8

To purchase your PMS swatchbook or for any other print related questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company est. 1923


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