Posted by: travisodee | May 4, 2009


Last night I was privy to pure Discovery HD genius. A red fox is on a snow pack 3ft deep and is listening for rodents underneath the pack. Somehow he must survive. After seeing buffalo dredge for miles in search of dead grass w/ the same protein content of cardboard, we weren’t too hopeful for Red. But this guy as you will see has the WILL. Video below:

Through these difficult times Odee and myself will be here for you. Whether it was the buffalo, the fox, the elk, or the wolves of Yellowstone, they have all adapted to the harsh times and know how to survive. The Odee Company in Dallas, TX has survived through some harsh times since 1923. Though I’m not that old, I have been here through the ’01 tragedy and of course our current crisis. We adapt and we survive.


We will be here. Your staff will be here. Your files will still be here. Your plates will still be here. Your dies will still be in house. If you’re nervous w/ your existing vendor, give us a try.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company


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