Posted by: travisodee | March 30, 2009

What to look for in a Commercial Print Partner

You have stumbled upon the right blog in learning how to qualify a Commercial Print Partner. Some of you may decide we are the right vendor for you, while others may learn we are not the best fit. Questions you should ask yourself:

-Am I being treated fairly?
-Am I getting the best price?
-Does my vendor have my same corporate beliefs?
-Does my vendor care about my company?
-Does my vendor care about me personally and my success?

Let these ?’s tumble around in your head.

The above ?’s are more personal and in order to build an honest relationship with your print vendor these ?’s should be answered by yourself first. Think about it. If the guy below is your printer and works for a company that is a perfect fit for you…they have top notch quality, pricing, and always hit the expected turntimes, would you buy from him?


Unless you are like some and fall for his flattery, then I would imagine not.

Once you have decided if your vendor is an honest human being, next see if their organization can fit your organization’s needs. Questions you should ask:

-What are your standard turntimes? Be specific and provide examples. I for one will tell you if we can hit certain projects and if we can’t so I’m not wasting your time.
-Many of you may want to ask if pricing is competitive. You can, but who is going to say “no”? I would recommend asking what the commercial printer does best. I would provide samples to be quoted. At The Odee Company in Dallas, TX we do some things better than others. I will tell you if you are better off going somewhere else.
Ask your vendor for testimonials.
-Do you have a free delivery service?

-Can you do everything you say you do in house? Many vendors will tell you they do and then farm this work out.

Lastly, I would ask if the print vendor is Green and certified. Have them provide samples and certificates proving so. If not, the Incredible Hulk might be a little upset.

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company


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