Posted by: travisodee | March 6, 2009

Variable Data Printing and Beyond

This week I met with a firm who we could build a very strong relationship with. I see it as a win/ win. We help them, they help us. The firm creates PURLS in Dallas, TX. What are PURL’s? PURL’s are Personalized URL’s that when used can increase response rates significantly within your marketing campaigns.

Por ejemplo:
Terrell Owens, thank you for your interest in the Buffalo Bills. We have prepared your contract which you can find @ More than likely this client is going to click on the link and see where it takes him. T.O. may have an offer waiting for him w/ the Buffalo Bills and the only way to find out is for him to check his provided link. Since we provide Variable Data Printing in Dallas, TX we can print the variable postcard or letter, address and mail. The PURL will be viewed from the technical team and our client will be alerted when said receiver T.O. goes to check his contract.

For more information please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Incredible Hulk…yep, he’s green too

Travis Stein
SVP of Sales
The Odee Company


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