Posted by: travisodee | February 19, 2009

Quit juggling vendors

This morning I was checking on the 5 color Heidelberg press schedule. Kevin Cornelius the head press operator was making ready on a job and I couldn’t help but notice 3 softballs. My mind began to wonder and since everyone in the world has a video camera on hand he began to film. In all seriousness, The Odee Company is a commercial printer in Dallas, TX that has tailored our equipment purchases w/ the end user in mind. Many businesses still continue to waste valuable time and of course money in dealing with several different vendors for their print needs. Some may run a print job with one printer and it needs to be diecut. The business may then try to locate another vendor to diecut the piece, or have their current vendor locate someone in which they will just mark it up. Why not run with 1 company?

You may have direct mail. In the past a business would print with 1 vendor and then have the mail sent to a mailhouse. Why not run through our inhouse Dallas, TX mailhouse and save the extra time and money?

Always remember, even the Incredible Hulk is GREEN!!

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company



  1. Travis… you forgot the #1 rule of film/video making. Always, always, always turn your phone on silent before you start recording.

    Juggling is quite impressive.

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