Posted by: travisodee | February 11, 2009

Green Audits

I just had a client change directions and go with another dually certified FSC/ SFI printer in Canada because he displayed a “green audit” which basically detailed the amount of trees her green job was saving and emissions cut. I felt at the time this audit was a scam to win a job. I, Travis Stein at The Odee Company am an honest guy who would never steer a client wrong. So to be “outsold” off of some gimmick was upsetting. After I calmed myself I realized it would be nice to see what I am potentially saving by running a certain stock of paper or what I am saving by running a job with The Odee Company. So if you want a “green audit”, I’ll give you a “green audit”.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company
SVP of Sales


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