Posted by: travisodee | February 11, 2009

EcoFriendly logos on your print collateral

A client requested recently an FSC direct mail project to be run w/o the use of the FSC logo. I found this strange. If my wife ran into that blond haired dude from the new movie “He’s just not that into you” and he asked her for her # (which of course she would laugh and say “my husband Travis Stein is a green printer with The Odee Company…you aren’t green and not as impressive to me”), I would imagine she wouldn’t just share the story that some actor asked for her # she would want everyone to know the dude’s name. Much like printing w/ FSC or SFI logos. But I am now learning that some people enjoy helping the environment and it’s not a big deal to their organization to display this fact. It’s good to see others out there fighting to minimize their carbon footprint as much as The Odee Company in Dallas, TX is.

Travis Stein
The Odee Company
SVP of Sales


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