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The Printing Industry; Our True Love

Key folks in the “YouTube for Business” world will tell you to keep your marketing video under 2 minutes.  Even better if under 1.  Sorry Key folks in the “YouTube for Business” world.  This one is under 4.  You see, when you love something as much as we do, it’s impossible to fit that passion in under 2 minutes.  Enjoy The Odee Company‘s latest video; The Printing Industry; Our True Love.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Creating your Custom Canvas Tutorial (CanvasKick)

The Odee Company‘s Guru just put together a nice tutuorial on how to create your own custom canvas via our CanvasKick store.

custom water canvas

Visit here, and remember to use discount code: MYHERO for Father’s Day.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

Posted by: travisodee | May 23, 2014 is Here!

CanvasKick was recently discussed on The Odee Company’s blog here. To provide a quick reference guide on how to turn your Instagram pics into Art on Canvas, see below:

1) Standard Photo of my main man Hank from my iPhone. Cool shot. I liked the delicate reflection the window provided. This could potentially work well as a canvas due to the enthusiasm of the subject and the bib…but the colors are still too flat for a wall hanger:

2) Let’s now throw this puppy into Instagram so that we can add a nice artsy filter that will work nicely on a wall. Strong splash of color enhancement has turned my Hank into art.

3) Printing 36×48 on Printer 1 of 2 HPl26500

4) Coated and Hung

Once you have your Instagram photo you’d like on a canvas, head to CanvasKick to turn your photos in to wall art!

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est.1923

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Wide Format Expert

Let’s all welcome our Wide Format Expert; The Guru of Wide! The good man/ Guru has his own blog which you can visit here. He will post often and share his tips and tricks for printing wide format as well as installing of wide format wall murals or wraps.

His recent posts:
How Should I Decorate my Wall?
How Long Does it Take to Print a Wall Mural?
Custom Dry Erase Walls
What is Wide Format Printing?

window cling

The Odee Company runs 2 HP Latex 26500’s in her Wide Format department. These puppies are 60″ wide outputting animals. For more info please contact us below.

Welcome Guru of Wide!

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Russia and her Wolves

Just a quick post here to share 2 videos of wolves alive and well in Russia.

Wolf in Sochi

1st video is a traffic cop who is scared into the backseat of his victim’s car thanks to a pack of wolves:

That was fun. The 2nd video comes from our subject in the previous post; Dancing Kate Hansen and the Wolf that stalks her dorm in Sochi:

Go Wolves!!

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Kate Hansen’s Pre-Race Dance Routine – Smart Marketing??

Kate Hansen’s pre-race dance routine has slapped a smile on this guy’s face. The Olympics are more than winning medals obviously. There’s a lifetime of hard work, home school, moving and leaving childhood friends, and financial woes for the families. The behind the scenes stories detail many of these hurdles, but they will also create a natural rooting interest for this particular athlete. Take Kate Hansen, the American Luger who finished 10th overall in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This fireball who you would picture training your 8 year old how to snowboard or a camp counselor who is full of life, actually did very well for herself in these games. She will soon see $$$ and opportunities outside of sport.

Kate Hansen's pre-race dance routine

Kate Hansen’s pre-race dance routine

There’s always something more to what the majority of the audience sees and as a marketer, I like to imagine what that might be. This is Kate Hansen. Looks as natural as can be during her pre-race dance routine, but expect to see more of this in future Olympics. PR pros have really begun to attack the Olympic athletes in promising sponsorships after the fact which will help pay off these hardships we discussed earlier. Genius. Majority of the audience will fall for it, and this Olympian will be the new/ hot trend on Google. Next, sponsorships begin rolling in. We will see Kate Hansen in a commercial very soon. And good for her. Her positive attitude is what makes her a natural to sell. (watch this video to see what I’m talking about)

Some future “acts” from Olympians if the right PR firms get a hold of them:
-a rare American ski jumper who has no shot at medaling will be asked to celebrate each landing in an odd fashion. Look, the Winter Olympics are a HUGE hit in the cold states. What do cold states buy a lot of? Generators. Ok, your nickname will be “Generator” and every landing you will celebrate as if you’re cranking a generator. $$$
-have an athlete break through a wall…or better yet, a bathroom door. Kool-Aid will really love this…wait….

You’re only getting two from me…this is too easy and I could go all day. I’m now off to my pre-print morning routine; shooting a 5hr Energy and doing my patented Robot Dance.


Travis Stein
Principal Partner and Robot Dancer for 5hr Energy
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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The #1 Tradeshow Handout

Clients are constantly asking for the newest and hottest Tradeshow giveaway or handout. The #1 Tradeshow handout is obviously what generates visitors and keeps visitors in your booth long enough to build a relationship or share your 30 second pitch. I prefer the relationship over the pitch. Best way to build this relationship with potential clients, amaze them, wow them, intrigue them.

The Odee Company produces the banner stands to pull visitors in. The Odee Company prints flyers and brochures for visitors to take with them. But you need to hold these visitors in your booth so they can get to know you.

best tradeshow giveaway

The most recent request came form a client of mine whose headquarters are here in Dallas but have offices worldwide. They needed a 5,000 piece order under $10. Every Tradeshow they are part of has a different demographic. The same promotional item can’t work for every show can it?

Enter the PowerBand or Balance Bracelet. This fashionable bracelet is worn by athletes in all sports and is a constant reminder to the end user as to what company best balances their day.

Balance Bracelet

There have been many skeptics of the Power Band/ Balance Bracelet. The Odee Company decided to try it out ourselves with 1 simple rotation test (1 of many tests you can do yourself at the booth). See the video below for our Power Band testing results:

For more info or if you would like some additional Tradeshow ideas, contact your Dallas Promotional Product Distributor; The Odee Company.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

Just pulled up a Color Test of 80 color tiles.  This is what we go through during a Printing Press Check.  The Farnsworth Munsell 100 hue test was developed for designers, colorists, and printers whose trades rely heavily by near perfect color match.  This requires not only the pressman and his color adjustments, but the eyes of those on the press check in making critical moves to potentially all Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, also known as CMYK.

I took this test back in 2001 with the actual discs and scored a 2.  I tied with our lead pressman.  You would have thought every ad agency in the US would have used me for all of their print needs, but I didn’t sell this strength of mine as I don’t like to brag.  Now it may be too late…I scored a 4 this go’round.  Still….solid for a Printer…extremely solid.  I can brag now.

Travis Stein's Test results

Travis Stein’s Test results

So take the test yourself here, and let me know how you did.  If you beat me, you’ll win an OD sticker.  Giving out such an elegant prize shows my confidence in not overthrowing the Color King!

The Color King

The Color King

Good Luck!!

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est 1923

Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test
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Marketing in Unison with OK Go

It’s been a while but OK Go slapped a smile on my face this morning. It’s not just that their music is upbeat, it’s the “marketing in unison” they always seem to nail.

Every morning begins at the office between 6:30-7am. Pandora is usually the first site to ramp up in one of my many tabs.  Next, Facebook, then LinkedIn, then a world news site (won’t divulge as I am not wanting a political battle). Some mornings a song will hit that I will then replay a few times via YouTube. OK Go isn’t played often on my Pandora station. But the fine folks at Pandora felt as if a Friday morning is deserving of OK Go. While I’m listening to it, I’m simultaneously accepting LinkedIn group requests for FSC, SFI, Austin High School Alumni, and Austin College Football Alumni. The guy w/ the poor memory (this guy), actually recalls OK Go’s genius that is their videos. Figured I’d watch. Their single takes are masterpieces for the eye and soul. Try it. You’ll envy those who were on the set of these videos. They’re fun. But you then look deeper and realize the amount of practice and discipline it takes to work in unison. If in unison, as said before, a masterpiece is produced. Create this unison in your office setting and you’ve just produced an environment where success can be realized quickly, and shared amongst all involved. It’s a team effort and as a Marketer, your role is the most important in getting all employees involved and on the same page.


Take a note from OK Go, work in unison and have fun…success will follow.

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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Looking for a Dallas Printer

By the looks of it you’ve found one. Watch this Odee Short below to learn a bit more about printing, promotional items, wide format printing, retail kitting and fulfillment.  Thanks for watching:

Pictures from inside a Printing facility:

Travis Stein
Principal Partner
The Odee Company; est. 1923

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